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earth friendly
We care about our planet, and sustainability is a core value of ours. Kushed does not use soy wax in any of our products as soy farming is damaging to the environment. Instead, we utilize sustainable sourced coconut wax in our candles. Being conscious of the impact we have on our environment is important to the customers who love our products—and more so the integrity of our brand!
cruelty free
Kushed crafts all of our scents through naturally harvested essential oils, none of that artificial chemical bs. We do not use fragrances nor any of the toxic chemicals that accompany them. We keep it simple and natural. No need to cost-cut true organic quality.
recycled and recyclable
We believe that recycling anything we can is a great practice. Our candle boxes are made from recycled cardboard, and at the heart of Kushed—we infuse our coconut wax with unused hemp biomass. Recycling sets us apart from everyone else. Why? Cannabis molecules are larger than those of soy wax, which means that our candles give a stronger scent throw than any other candle. No chemicals, no compromise of quality, and zero negligence of our brand ethics.
handcrafted with love
Being a family owned small business, we take great care of every process in our operations at Kushed. The center of that is you, our valued customers and supporters are an extension of our homegrown family! Kushed is rooted in the United States of America and we are proud to have family all over the globe representing many walks of life. We would like to say thank you for your interest, support, and love.

Featured Product

Creamsicle Kush – Mandarin, Vanilla, and Hemp


We promised that we would come up with an extremely sexy scent, and here we are!

Creamsicle Kush is a notorious take on mandarin, vanilla bean, and hemp, one that is going to leave a long-lasting impact on you.

If you’re willing to get lost in the strong yet sweet notes of Vanilla while calming your sense with mandarin and hemp, this is just the right product for you!

Best Sellers

The ancient art of aromatherapy uses a plant’s own natural essential oils to enhance mood and promote a sense of well-being through our most primal sense – our sense of smell.

Hemp essential oil, one of the lesser known and “taboo” essential oils, provides a therapeutic aroma that promotes balance of mind and body by releasing stress, relaxing the body and lifting the spirit.

Candles infused with essential oils and fragrances are a simple way to achieve the benefits of aromatherapy by transforming your environment and stimulating the senses.
  • “Nothing like some Lavender Kush burning while me and my girl smoke and enjoy a movie.”
    “Candles always put a smile on my face. My boyfriend got me this one as a gift and it’s my favorite candle to date.”
    “My boyfriend got this as a gift. Candles always put a smile on my face, but Kushed is my favorite candle to date."
  • “Totally Zen is totally fire! Love this scent and how clean it burns.”
    “Wow wow wow, who knew cannabis could also make candles better. Queen Green is such a unique scent that I’ve never seen in my other collections.”
    “I bought 3 of the roll-ons and omg I don’t need to use my perfume, the natural oils are strong and they don’t irritate my skin. Big fan”
About Us
Life can sometimes be overwhelming. We know, we’ve all been there. Taking time for yourself is paramount, no matter the circumstances. Kushed started with the inspiration of helping others find harmony in the chaos of everyday life. Our mission became utilizing the powerful sense of smell to help people unwind and relax. Through innovation and passion, we’ve pushed the envelope by utilizing recycled hemp to provide candles unlike any other you will find. A company heavily reliant on core value rather than corporate value, we synchronize nature’s gifts in all their glory to craft truly magnificent experiences that transcend simply ‘selling candles’.
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