Here at Kushed Candles, we are enormously fortunate to have the privilege of dreaming up mouthwatering aromas with which you can fill your home.  Our candles are made using only the finest essential oils and ethically sourced natural derivatives, all while being vegan and environmentally friendly.  Available in 4 sizes, our candles are exactly what you need to transform your home into an enchanting oasis.  

Still, with so many scents to choose from, we understand if you don’t know which one you want to try first.  Well, allow us to help.

A Scent for Every Mood and Personality

Kushed Candles is known for a variety of fragrances, each candle being infused with organically derived, THC-free hemp extract for an extra herbal kick. You will have no trouble finding the ideal fragrance with which you can fill your home.  Explore our scents on our website to learn more about them, and to discover why makes some of the highest-quality artisanal candles on today’s market.

Totally Zen

Totally Zen is the ultimate choice for someone who wants a spa-like experience at home, while feeling like they’re walking through an enchanted forest.  Invigorating eucalyptus, woodsy cedar elm and black bark, dew-kissed royalty mint, herbaceous hemp, and forest-tinged oakmoss work together to make you feel like you’re bathing among the tallest and lushest trees.

Queen Green

Part aphrodisiac, part spa, Queen Green is a fragrance that will entrance you no matter what mood you’re in, being a shapeshifter that can accommodate every state of mind.  Ylang ylang, rosewood, mandarin, and hemp come together brilliantly to offer soft sweetness, luxurious creaminess and an arousing floral note that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

California Dream

The bohemian in you will fall head over heels in love with California Dream, a fragrance that will make you feel like you’re feeding your soul with notes of earthy patchouli, soothing chocolate mint, herbal hemp, aromatic anise, mystical juniper and fragrant tuberose flowers.  Each time you smell its graceful yet exotic scent, you’ll honor your free spirit.  It’s a great choice for meditation thanks to its ability to both uplift and calm.

Creamsicle Kush

If the combination of juicy oranges and creamy vanilla brings back happy memories, Creamsicle Kush is the ultimate nostalgia trip that has a grownup edge with the help of pure hemp.  It’s an appetizing scent that will undoubtedly put you in a good mood, as both orange and vanilla are known for their uplifting superpowers.  

Cream Caramel

For those who have a serious sweet tooth, Cream Caramel is a godsend, dripping with decadence that will have your mouth simply watering for hours.  Moroccan coffee transports you to one of the most beautiful places in earth, with spicy cardamom adding to its exotic nature.  Meanwhile, creamy vanilla, caramel, and sugar musk make you feel like you’re indulging in a luxurious dessert while on vacation.

Lavender Kush

Is the hectic day-to-day routine getting you down?  Lavender Kush is the ultimate self-care fragrance when you need to take a time out and put the emergency brakes on your stress levels.  Deeply soothing lavender fills your mind with tranquil thoughts while clary sage, fern, violet and peonies give it a more well-rounded base, making you feel like you’re walking through a romantic British garden that’s sparkling with morning dew.  Nice choice for your next bubble bath.


Sadhu is a fragrance for those who want an exotic and transformative aroma experience.  If you’re a traveler, you’ll love having this one handy to remind you of the most beautiful locations around the world.  Indian sandalwood adds a woodsy spice to your home that intoxicates you while making you feel like you’re in a beautiful land far away.  Indian musk, plumeria, wild rose and hemp enhance the feeling that you’ve entered a magical place where anything is possible.  This arousing scent is a great choice for a romantic dinner.

Lemon Drop

If you’re into all things fresh and herbal, Lemon Drop is your new scent companion.  It’s bright, cheerful, and crisp, without any bells or whistles.  The citrusy note of Meyer lemons uplifts you and enhances your mood, while a blend of greenery in the form of basil, hemp and sage keeps things grounded and never too sweet.  Cedar acts as a glorious base that adds a hint of woods to arouse your senses further.  Clean, summery and certain to put a smile on your face.

White Witch

If you want a scent that’s both mystical and majestic, look no further than White Witch with its ultra-elegant and tinged with the magical aromas of summer.  Entrancing jasmine plays the lead while it’s supported by sweet honeysuckle to make you feel like you’re walking through an orchard in the summertime.  Notes of hemp round out the juiciness to create a well-balanced and beautifully grounded aroma.

Panama Red

Perfect for a romantic evening or a quiet night spent solo, Panama Red is a passionate fragrance consisting of juicy blood oranges, succulent red currants, aromatic neroli, rich mangosteen, and soothing hemp.  It’s the ultimate date night candle that can help set the mood when you need a little extra something in your arsenal.

Tangerine Dream

Our goal with Tangerine Dream was to offer one of the most uplifting scents possible.  Cheerful tangerine is given an aromatic edge with spicy clove, invigorating ginger, blissful cassia, and herbal hemp to make you feel recharged, optimistic and ready for whatever the day or night has in store.

At Kushed Candles, we know that each of our customers has their own candle-related goals in mind, which is why we offer such a fresh variety of options.  Not only do we carry a large array of intoxicating fragrances, with everything from luxurious gourmands to light, fresh florals, but we also carry our candles in different sizes – 6oz, 7.5oz, 13.5oz, and 20oz, to be more exact.  

While our 7.5oz, 13.5oz, and 20oz candles come in thick glass jars, our 6oz candles come in a container made of tin.  Why?  Because 6oz candles tend to be more for traveling, and tin is a more travel-friendly material.  But, as you’re about to find out, there are actually a lot of ways in which glass and tin differ from one another, and you should weigh the pros and cons when deciding which material is right for you.


Glass candle jars are more common, especially among larger candles.  The glass is extremely thick, being of a specific grade designed to handle the heat of burning wax.




Tin is a very soft metal that’s pliable.  You will see it more commonly when shopping for smaller candles, such as tealight candles and candles that are 6oz or smaller.



Find the Right Candle Container for You

At the end of the day, there is a case to be made for both glass candles and tin candles, and as you can see, each one serves a distinctive purpose.  We’ve weighed the pros and cons of each at Kushed Candles, which is why we have specifically assigned different container materials to different sizes.  Most of our customers prefer glass candles for the candles that they plan to light around their homes.  However, if you plan on taking a candle with you somewhere, a small tin candle is safer, less fragile, and requires less maintenance during transit and when being handled.

At Kushed Candles, we pay close attention to every detail of the candle-making process.  We source only the best natural, ethical and sustainable ingredients for our candle formulas, and rely on coconut wax instead of beeswax to make our candles vegan.  We hand-pour each candle in small batches for maximum quality control and use environmentally friendly practices at all times.

One area that’s often overlooked is the wick.  You may be surprised by how much the wick of a candle matters, in terms of everything from its effects on the environment to how well the actual candle burns.  If you’ve never really considered the wick of a candle before, now’s the time to take a deep dive.

What is the Wick of a Candle, and What Purpose Does It Serve?

The wick of the candle is the component that is lit, and it enables the burning process.  As the wick continues to burn, the candle wax closest to the surface melts, and then the aroma of the candle gets dispersed into the air as a result.  Therefore, a candle cannot function properly if it does not have a wick.  Without a wick, a candle would completely melt in its entirety, since you’d have no choice but to light the wax itself.

The wick is extremely important when it comes to how it’s made and implemented.  It determines the rate at which the candle burns, and the size of the flame.  Let’s take a closer look at all of the factors that go into making a successful wick.

Types of Candle Wicks

First, let’s cover the most common materials from which candle wicks are made.  These materials can have surprisingly different results.

Treated Wicks

Most wicks are pre-treated with a thin layer of paraffin or a similar material, which is how they are able to stand upright.  This also allows the wick to ignite more easily and maintain a flame for the duration of one’s candle-burning session.

Wick Size

Wick size is actually incredibly important.  The thickness level of the wick must be proportionate to the size of the candle itself.  If the wick is too skinny, it just won’t offer a large enough flame to melt the wax at the proper rate, and will likely burn itself out rather than keep your handle burning.  A wick that’s too thick for a small candle will have the opposite problem, causing your candle to burn way too fast.  The wick width also has to take into account the ingredients of the candle, as some ingredients, like vanilla oil and beeswax, need a stronger flame to properly burn, therefore requiring a thicker wick.

Wick Length

Wick length is just as important.  A candle should be burned when the wick is between ¼ and 1/8 inches long.  This prevents the flame from being too high, which can be dangerous, and too short, which will likely burn out before the candle even starts burning.  Many companies cut their wicks to this length for you, but you may have to do it yourself.

Multiple Wicks

Extra-large candles may have more than one wick.  This would ensure that the candle burns at the right rate, as one wick simply isn’t strong enough to keep the candle burning for a long period of time.

Hemp Candle

The Wicks at Kushed Candles

Kushed Candles is proud to be wicking experts, and we know exactly what goes into producing a candle that burns properly and in a way that’s not harmful to either you or the environment.  Our cotton wicks are the perfect size, and are coated with natural derivatives to ignite as easily as possible and keep the ideal flame for as long as your candle is burning away.

Whether you’re planning your dream vacation or an inconvenient business trip, Kushed Candles can make the process of traveling far more enjoyable to the senses.  And, because we offer our candles in a wide variety of sizes, from handheld 6oz to large, room-filling 20oz options, you will be able to find the perfect choice for your travel-related needs.  

Now, if you’re wondering why Kushed Candles are a great addition to your travel bag, you gotta read on.

Traveling with Kushed Candles: What It Can Do for Your Travel Experience

Kushed Candles provides the finest-quality premium candles possible.  Enhanced with pure, THC-free hemp extract, these candles boast a vegan coconut wax base and an environmentally friendly cotton wick to ensure high ethical and sustainable standards.  They are scented with essential oils and other natural derivatives that ensure nothing but fresh, clean scents that you’ll never find cloying or headache-inducing.  Plus, our variety of fragrances is nothing short of massive.  

What Can Kushed Candles Do to Help Elevate Your Travel Experience?  

Since Kushed Candles are perfect for every occasion, including occasions that take place when we’re traveling, all you have to do is select from a catalog of scents to find the one that will help take your trip to the next level, and don’t forget to burn it responsibly!

Whether you are traveling for work or for pleasure, here’s how our candles can prove themselves as highly valuable additions to your travel experience.

#1: Switch Out Ugly Hotel Lighting for Something More Chill

Not all hotels are built with ambience in mind, and sometimes, the lighting in our hotel room can be less than flattering.  Sometimes, it can be downright overwhelming if it’s too bright.  That’s where a Kushed Candle comes in handy.  It instantly gives you mood lighting so that you can unwind wherever you are.

#2: Elevate the Relaxing Nature of Vacationing 

Candles equal relaxation – that’s the main reason why we light them at home.  There’s something about the combination of candlelight and a soothing, natural fragrance that instantly makes us feel more at ease, and as though we’re entering a state of inner bliss.  Vacationing can be extremely relaxation-enhancing, so naturally, a Kushed Candle would elevate the calming effect that traveling can have on us. 

#3: Mask Unpleasant Hotel Odors

Most hotels go above and beyond to accommodate us with high standards of cleanliness and fabulous amenities to enjoy during our stay.  But once in a while, a hotel is less than ideal, and our room just doesn’t smell as fresh as we want it to.  A Kushed Candle is a great way to mask unwanted odors that are beyond our control.  Not only that but control the smell of the air that we breathe in while we’re in an environment that isn’t held to the same standards that we maintain at home.

#4: Find a Sense of Calm in an Unfamiliar Place

Sometimes, traveling isn’t inherently relaxing.  On some occasions, we’re traveling because of a reason that isn’t a happy one, such as a business trip that we’re dreading or traveling to see an ailing loved one.  The idea of being in an unfamiliar place amidst all of that can really elevate our stress levels.  A Kushed Candle is a simple way to derive some much-needed aromatherapy wherever you end up finding yourself while you’re away from home.  Choose a scent that will lift your spirits, or one that will help you enter a state of relaxation. 

#5: Take the Evening to a New and Romantic Level

If you’re traveling with a special someone, then you know that a vacation is the perfect opportunity to take the romance to a whole new level.  To enhance those romantic feelings further, lighting a candle can really set the mood.  Candlelight is romantic enough as it is, but many of our fragrances offer exotic aromas that really help stir things up.  

#6: Enjoy a Candlelit Bubble Bath

A lot of us look forward to exploring the bathtub at a luxury hotel, since they’re often designed to be far larger and more luxurious than the ones that we’re used to at home.  If you’re planning on taking a bubble bath while you’re vacationing, you’ll want to bring a Kushed Candle along to really take the experience to new heights.  Choose a spa-like aroma that appeals to your senses and enjoy bathing by candlelight, as you enter a state of deep tranquility.

#7: Enjoy a Comforting Scent You Associate with Home

If you’re the type of person who gets homesick, a Kushed Candle that’s already a favorite at home can help your environment feel more familiar.  If there is a scent that you always have filling your house, bringing it along with you can trick your brain into feeling less far away from the comforts of home.

All it takes is the right scented candle to completely change our state of mind and transport us to another time and place.  At Kushed Candles, we’ve created a variety of candle fragrances that use only natural, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients to fill your home with arousing scents that can uplift, calm or entice the senses.  Each of our candles is infused with a THC-free hemp extract that acts as aromatherapy when you’re in need of a boost, while the fragrances themselves enchant your imagination.

Some of our fragrances are particularly ideal for the early hours of the day, when you’re looking for something to brighten your mood and prepare you for the day ahead.  Other fragrances are better suited for evening, when you’re ready to unwind, or when you’re looking for something to liven things up in your surroundings.

What are the Best Candle Scents for Morning?

Morning scents are usually less heavy than evening scents.  They contain fresher ingredients that help you start the day off on the right foot.  These candle scents are meant to lift the spirits and get you into the right state of mind without over-arousing the senses or getting you feeling too calm.

#1: Totally Zen

Totally Zen is the ultimate morning scent when you need to begin the day with a sense of calm and deep bliss.  Many say that this scent reminds them of a luxury spa, and we don’t disagree.  Eucalyptus instantly invigorates you, while cedar elm and black bark add woodsy notes that transport you to an enchanted forest.  This meditative scent is freshened up with oakmoss, mint and hemp to evoke a deep sense of inner peace and balance.

#2: QueenGreen

Another fresh and uplifting yet calming scent is QueenGreen, with a luxurious blend of ylang ylang, rosewood, mandarin and hemp.  Greens and florals come together magnificently to mimic the aroma of a fresh, dew-kissed garden at daybreak, which can really cheer you up if the weather is bringing you down.

#3: Creamsicle Kush

For those of us who love sweet scents, there is Creamsicle Kush, a fragrance that’s light and fresh yet strongly veers into gourmand territory.  Freshly squeezed orange juice acts like a morning wake-up call, but it’s blended with smooth and silky vanilla cream that instantly reminds you of an all-time favorite treat. 

#4: LemonDrop

LemonDrop is a bright and cheerful citrusy scent consisting of Meyer lemon, basil, sage and hemp, making this one of the freshest scents that we own.  You’ll imagine yourself in a beautiful herb garden, while the intoxicating cedar base adds depth and gives you a sense of being grounded.

#5: TangerineDream

There is nothing quite like the scent of freshly cut tangerines to put you in the right mood in order to take on the day.  TangerineDream combines tangerine with clove, ginger, hemp and cassia to offer an invigorating spicy edge that wakes you up and makes you feel enlivened, optimistic and focused.  

#6: CaliforniaDream

For the bohemians out there, CaliforniaDream awakens your senses in true boho style with rich chocolate, soothing mint, earthy patchouli, exotic anise, intriguing juniper and creamy, floral tuberose, along with some hemp for good measure.  It’s the perfect choice for an early morning meditation or yoga practice.

What are the Best Candle Scents for Evening?

Evening scents are about one of two things:

#1: CreamCaramel

For the candle lovers with a sweet tooth, check out CreamCaramel, which delivers a drizzle of gooey caramel on top of a rich cup of Moroccan coffee complete with the regional spices of ginger, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom, while a dash of hemp freshens things up.  It will satisfy your gourmand cravings when you’re craving some after-dinner sweets.

#2: LavenderKush

If you want a candle fragrance that will help you get ready for bed, Lavender Kush is the one.  The lavender helps you unwind and forget about your troubles, while a lovely blend of calming clary sage, fresh fern and floral peonies and violets put you into a state of pure bliss.

#3: Sadhu

Sadhu is for those with an adventurer’s spirit, with an exotic aroma profile consisting of Indian sandalwood, musk, plumeria, wild rose and hemp.  It’s a deeply sensual scent that’s perfect for when you’re “in the mood.”  Meanwhile, it swirls around your imagination, transporting you to the most beautiful locations on Earth.

#4: WhiteWitch

WhiteWitch is a seductive, luxurious floral that has an edge, making it the ultimate evening delight.  Night-blooming jasmine instantly arouses your mind while sweet honeysuckle enhances the jasmine’s exotic nature, with hemp adding a fresh, bright and pine-like accord. 

#5: PanamaRed

The ultimate “date night” aroma, PanamaRed entices you with plump blood oranges, juicy red currants, exotic mangosteen, herbaceous hemp and citrusy neroli.  Light it for a romantic dinner and enjoy the mouthwatering aroma that fills your awareness.

Kushed Candles Make Any Time of Day a Dreamy Escape for the Senses

Kushed Candles offers a fragrance for every mood and every time of day.  Whatever it is that you want out of a fragrance experience, whether it’s to invigorate, arouse, destress or transport, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our beautiful collection.

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Life can sometimes be overwhelming. We know, we’ve all been there. Taking time for yourself is paramount, no matter the circumstances. Kushed started with the inspiration of helping others find harmony in the chaos of everyday life. Our mission became utilizing the powerful sense of smell to help people unwind and relax. Through innovation and passion, we’ve pushed the envelope by utilizing recycled hemp to provide candles unlike any other you will find. A company heavily reliant on core value rather than corporate value, we synchronize nature’s gifts in all their glory to craft truly magnificent experiences that transcend simply ‘selling candles’.
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