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“I was hesitant to get this candle first. But, does this candle work wonders or what! It is one of the best products from Kushed I’ve bought so far!”

– Page Winer


Just as the long-living queen has graced us with her presence for decades, this candle will leave you a sensational effect for hours!

The bold notes of Ylang Ylang, Rosewood, mandarin, and fresh-cut hemp make this candle an extraordinary one to buy. You can feel your body responding to the peaceful aura the scent creates!

It makes a great gift for anyone and everyone.

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– Hand poured, high grade, superior coconut wax blend infused with exotic essential oils and premium fragrances.

– Cotton wick, earth friendly, clean burning. Contains no THC or CBD

6 oz pour – up to 25 hours burn time
7 1/2 oz pour – up to 40 hrs burn time
13 1/2 oz pour – up to 75hrs burn time
20 oz pour – up to 100 hrs burn time


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Life can sometimes be overwhelming. We know, we’ve all been there. Taking time for yourself is paramount, no matter the circumstances. Kushed started with the inspiration of helping others find harmony in the chaos of everyday life. Our mission became utilizing the powerful sense of smell to help people unwind and relax. Through innovation and passion, we’ve pushed the envelope by utilizing recycled hemp to provide candles unlike any other you will find. A company heavily reliant on core value rather than corporate value, we synchronize nature’s gifts in all their glory to craft truly magnificent experiences that transcend simply ‘selling candles’.
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