Which Candle Scents are Perfect for Mornings and Nights?

Date: April 5, 2022

All it takes is the right scented candle to completely change our state of mind and transport us to another time and place.  At Kushed Candles, we’ve created a variety of candle fragrances that use only natural, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients to fill your home with arousing scents that can uplift, calm or entice the senses.  Each of our candles is infused with a THC-free hemp extract that acts as aromatherapy when you’re in need of a boost, while the fragrances themselves enchant your imagination.

Some of our fragrances are particularly ideal for the early hours of the day, when you’re looking for something to brighten your mood and prepare you for the day ahead.  Other fragrances are better suited for evening, when you’re ready to unwind, or when you’re looking for something to liven things up in your surroundings.

What are the Best Candle Scents for Morning?

Morning scents are usually less heavy than evening scents.  They contain fresher ingredients that help you start the day off on the right foot.  These candle scents are meant to lift the spirits and get you into the right state of mind without over-arousing the senses or getting you feeling too calm.

#1: Totally Zen

Totally Zen is the ultimate morning scent when you need to begin the day with a sense of calm and deep bliss.  Many say that this scent reminds them of a luxury spa, and we don’t disagree.  Eucalyptus instantly invigorates you, while cedar elm and black bark add woodsy notes that transport you to an enchanted forest.  This meditative scent is freshened up with oakmoss, mint and hemp to evoke a deep sense of inner peace and balance.

#2: QueenGreen

Another fresh and uplifting yet calming scent is QueenGreen, with a luxurious blend of ylang ylang, rosewood, mandarin and hemp.  Greens and florals come together magnificently to mimic the aroma of a fresh, dew-kissed garden at daybreak, which can really cheer you up if the weather is bringing you down.

#3: Creamsicle Kush

For those of us who love sweet scents, there is Creamsicle Kush, a fragrance that’s light and fresh yet strongly veers into gourmand territory.  Freshly squeezed orange juice acts like a morning wake-up call, but it’s blended with smooth and silky vanilla cream that instantly reminds you of an all-time favorite treat. 

#4: LemonDrop

LemonDrop is a bright and cheerful citrusy scent consisting of Meyer lemon, basil, sage and hemp, making this one of the freshest scents that we own.  You’ll imagine yourself in a beautiful herb garden, while the intoxicating cedar base adds depth and gives you a sense of being grounded.

#5: TangerineDream

There is nothing quite like the scent of freshly cut tangerines to put you in the right mood in order to take on the day.  TangerineDream combines tangerine with clove, ginger, hemp and cassia to offer an invigorating spicy edge that wakes you up and makes you feel enlivened, optimistic and focused.  

#6: CaliforniaDream

For the bohemians out there, CaliforniaDream awakens your senses in true boho style with rich chocolate, soothing mint, earthy patchouli, exotic anise, intriguing juniper and creamy, floral tuberose, along with some hemp for good measure.  It’s the perfect choice for an early morning meditation or yoga practice.

What are the Best Candle Scents for Evening?

Evening scents are about one of two things:

  • Helping you destress after a particularly demanding day.
  • Evoking your senses with heavier fragrances that are more sensual than those associated with daytime.

#1: CreamCaramel

For the candle lovers with a sweet tooth, check out CreamCaramel, which delivers a drizzle of gooey caramel on top of a rich cup of Moroccan coffee complete with the regional spices of ginger, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom, while a dash of hemp freshens things up.  It will satisfy your gourmand cravings when you’re craving some after-dinner sweets.

#2: LavenderKush

If you want a candle fragrance that will help you get ready for bed, Lavender Kush is the one.  The lavender helps you unwind and forget about your troubles, while a lovely blend of calming clary sage, fresh fern and floral peonies and violets put you into a state of pure bliss.

#3: Sadhu

Sadhu is for those with an adventurer’s spirit, with an exotic aroma profile consisting of Indian sandalwood, musk, plumeria, wild rose and hemp.  It’s a deeply sensual scent that’s perfect for when you’re “in the mood.”  Meanwhile, it swirls around your imagination, transporting you to the most beautiful locations on Earth.

#4: WhiteWitch

WhiteWitch is a seductive, luxurious floral that has an edge, making it the ultimate evening delight.  Night-blooming jasmine instantly arouses your mind while sweet honeysuckle enhances the jasmine’s exotic nature, with hemp adding a fresh, bright and pine-like accord. 

#5: PanamaRed

The ultimate “date night” aroma, PanamaRed entices you with plump blood oranges, juicy red currants, exotic mangosteen, herbaceous hemp and citrusy neroli.  Light it for a romantic dinner and enjoy the mouthwatering aroma that fills your awareness.

Kushed Candles Make Any Time of Day a Dreamy Escape for the Senses

Kushed Candles offers a fragrance for every mood and every time of day.  Whatever it is that you want out of a fragrance experience, whether it’s to invigorate, arouse, destress or transport, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our beautiful collection.

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