Why Travel with Kushed Candles?

Date: July 12, 2022

Whether you’re planning your dream vacation or an inconvenient business trip, Kushed Candles can make the process of traveling far more enjoyable to the senses.  And, because we offer our candles in a wide variety of sizes, from handheld 6oz to large, room-filling 20oz options, you will be able to find the perfect choice for your travel-related needs.  

Now, if you’re wondering why Kushed Candles are a great addition to your travel bag, you gotta read on.

Traveling with Kushed Candles: What It Can Do for Your Travel Experience

Kushed Candles provides the finest-quality premium candles possible.  Enhanced with pure, THC-free hemp extract, these candles boast a vegan coconut wax base and an environmentally friendly cotton wick to ensure high ethical and sustainable standards.  They are scented with essential oils and other natural derivatives that ensure nothing but fresh, clean scents that you’ll never find cloying or headache-inducing.  Plus, our variety of fragrances is nothing short of massive.  

What Can Kushed Candles Do to Help Elevate Your Travel Experience?  

Since Kushed Candles are perfect for every occasion, including occasions that take place when we’re traveling, all you have to do is select from a catalog of scents to find the one that will help take your trip to the next level, and don’t forget to burn it responsibly!

Whether you are traveling for work or for pleasure, here’s how our candles can prove themselves as highly valuable additions to your travel experience.

#1: Switch Out Ugly Hotel Lighting for Something More Chill

Not all hotels are built with ambience in mind, and sometimes, the lighting in our hotel room can be less than flattering.  Sometimes, it can be downright overwhelming if it’s too bright.  That’s where a Kushed Candle comes in handy.  It instantly gives you mood lighting so that you can unwind wherever you are.

#2: Elevate the Relaxing Nature of Vacationing 

Candles equal relaxation – that’s the main reason why we light them at home.  There’s something about the combination of candlelight and a soothing, natural fragrance that instantly makes us feel more at ease, and as though we’re entering a state of inner bliss.  Vacationing can be extremely relaxation-enhancing, so naturally, a Kushed Candle would elevate the calming effect that traveling can have on us. 

#3: Mask Unpleasant Hotel Odors

Most hotels go above and beyond to accommodate us with high standards of cleanliness and fabulous amenities to enjoy during our stay.  But once in a while, a hotel is less than ideal, and our room just doesn’t smell as fresh as we want it to.  A Kushed Candle is a great way to mask unwanted odors that are beyond our control.  Not only that but control the smell of the air that we breathe in while we’re in an environment that isn’t held to the same standards that we maintain at home.

#4: Find a Sense of Calm in an Unfamiliar Place

Sometimes, traveling isn’t inherently relaxing.  On some occasions, we’re traveling because of a reason that isn’t a happy one, such as a business trip that we’re dreading or traveling to see an ailing loved one.  The idea of being in an unfamiliar place amidst all of that can really elevate our stress levels.  A Kushed Candle is a simple way to derive some much-needed aromatherapy wherever you end up finding yourself while you’re away from home.  Choose a scent that will lift your spirits, or one that will help you enter a state of relaxation. 

#5: Take the Evening to a New and Romantic Level

If you’re traveling with a special someone, then you know that a vacation is the perfect opportunity to take the romance to a whole new level.  To enhance those romantic feelings further, lighting a candle can really set the mood.  Candlelight is romantic enough as it is, but many of our fragrances offer exotic aromas that really help stir things up.  

#6: Enjoy a Candlelit Bubble Bath

A lot of us look forward to exploring the bathtub at a luxury hotel, since they’re often designed to be far larger and more luxurious than the ones that we’re used to at home.  If you’re planning on taking a bubble bath while you’re vacationing, you’ll want to bring a Kushed Candle along to really take the experience to new heights.  Choose a spa-like aroma that appeals to your senses and enjoy bathing by candlelight, as you enter a state of deep tranquility.

#7: Enjoy a Comforting Scent You Associate with Home

If you’re the type of person who gets homesick, a Kushed Candle that’s already a favorite at home can help your environment feel more familiar.  If there is a scent that you always have filling your house, bringing it along with you can trick your brain into feeling less far away from the comforts of home.

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Life can sometimes be overwhelming. We know, we’ve all been there. Taking time for yourself is paramount, no matter the circumstances. Kushed started with the inspiration of helping others find harmony in the chaos of everyday life. Our mission became utilizing the powerful sense of smell to help people unwind and relax. Through innovation and passion, we’ve pushed the envelope by utilizing recycled hemp to provide candles unlike any other you will find. A company heavily reliant on core value rather than corporate value, we synchronize nature’s gifts in all their glory to craft truly magnificent experiences that transcend simply ‘selling candles’.
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